Resolving real estate disputes is a major part of Novack and Macey LLP’s practice.

Developers, owners, general and limited partners, brokers, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, national retailers, portfolio managers, property and facilities managers, receivers, REITs and other industry players regularly engage us to resolve their most important disputes.

Our clients benefit from our deep knowledge of the real estate industry. We have extensive experience with the types of complex contractual and fiduciary relationships from which commercial real estate disputes often arise, including contracts for the sale of land and real property, commercial and residential leases, loan documents, mortgages, easements, land use and zoning ordinances, restrictive covenants affecting the use of land and condominium declarations and by laws.

We are also regularly retained in these matters because of our nationally recognized reputation as trial attorneys, our personal attention to our clients’ business goals and their confidence in our ability to protect their confidential information and privacy.  In addition, our focus on efficient staffing and alternative billing ensures our clients that we are focused on delivering value.

The types of disputes we have handled for our clients include:

Real Estate Partnership And Business Disputes

Our clients retain us to help them resolve a wide range of disputes among partnerships, trusts and closely held companies, concerning the development, management, purchase and sale of real property, and the fiduciary and other duties that arise in the context of owning, developing, buying and selling real estate.

Commercial, office and retail leases

We help our clients navigate disputes concerning office and retail leases, brokerage disputes, subleasing and assignment problems, alleged building code violations, condemnations, nuisance claims, environmental claims, condominium disputes and litigation over rent, continuous operations clauses, common area maintenance charges, and repair and maintenance obligations.

Property Management

Property owners and managers trust us to guide them in disputes concerning the management of property, including real estate tax disputes.

Construction Litigation

Developers, general contractors and tax credit syndicators rely on us to resolve complex construction related disputes.

Real Estate Loans and Mortgage Foreclosures

Lenders, property owners and developers trust us in loan and mortgage related disputes, involving office and retail projects nationwide. We have also represented entities concerning real estate loans made by failed banks and savings and loans.

Title Disputes and Real Property Rights

Parties in real estate company investment disputes, ownership disputes, title disputes and developer’s rights disputes come to us for help in resolving such issues.

Zoning, land use and other disputes

We assist challengers to zoning decisions and parties seeking emergency relief from municipal decisions affecting their projects.