Novack and Macey LLP protects the interests of board members, officers and corporations in high-stakes matters across the country.

From situations that require zealous advocacy in court to circumstances that call for quiet and discreet negotiations, our highly skilled litigators have the capability and flexibility to handle all manners of challenging disputes.

As one of Chicago's premier firms for closely held companies, we have successfully defended and prosecuted directors and officers in a wide range of corporate governance issues, including proxy contests, coverage under directors and officers insurance policies and shareholder derivative litigation, as well as buy-sell and valuation disputes.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling claims targeted at individual directors and officers involving a breach of fiduciary duty, including fraud, misrepresentation, waste, self-dealing and usurpation of corporate opportunities. We regularly assist boards and committees with delicate and sensitive internal investigations into alleged fraud or misconduct.

Our experience on both sides of the table gives us a unique understanding of a variety of litigation strategies and allows us to secure favorable resolutions for our clients.