Novack and Macey LLP brings to our clients nearly two decades of success in representing energy companies in important commercial disputes.

The prestigious law firm rating service, Chambers USA, in praising Novack and Macey in 2016 as a "well regarded litigation firm that assists plaintiffs and defendants with an assortment of complex and significant matters," recognized our special proficiency in handling energy disputes. 

We are deeply familiar with the many types of complex contractual relationships from which commercial energy disputes often arise, including power purchase agreements, retail supply contracts, master trading agreements, tolling agreements, back-to-backs, coal and freight agreements, and asset and stock purchase agreements.  We know the energy industry’s wholesale and retail markets, pricing formulae, performance metrics and vocabulary.

Clients have included merchant energy firms, transmission and distribution companies, gas pipeline companies, retail power and gas sellers, power plant owners, and ISOs/RTOs. These companies buy and sell power, gas, coal and energy derivatives, as well as power plants, energy businesses and other energy assets.

Companies engage our firm because of our deep industry experience, nationally recognized reputation as trial attorneys and our personal attention to their issues and business goals. In addition, our focus on efficient staffing and approach to alternative billing assures our clients that we are focused on delivering value.

The types of disputes we help our clients resolve concern:

Energy and Fuel Supply agreements

Pricing, payment, delivery and other obligations under power coal and gas purchase and delivery agreements; tolling and back-to-back agreements; retail power and gas supply contracts.

Energy Trading and Markets

Market manipulation in energy trading markets; forward contracts, swaps, options, and other physical and financial contracts.

Energy Production and Transmission Assets

Purchases and sales of power plants, gas pipelines and other energy assets; ownership interests in gas/oil pipelines; engineering, procurement and construction contracts between power developers and contractors; energy project finance.