Novack and Macey LLP understands that class action suits can have a significant impact on a business — and knows how to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

As multi-district litigation has become an increasing concern to companies across diverse industries, privately held companies and the Fortune 500 rely on our aggressive defense of high-stakes matters.

We have successfully handled a diverse array of class action suits in both federal and multi-state districts, including claims involving mass torts, products liability, antitrust, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, data security breaches, state consumer fraud acts and shareholder rights.

Our swift analysis of the issues allows us to cut claims off at the knees through filing well-crafted motions to dismiss and taking aggressive measures during the class certification stage.

Should a suit progress to the later phases of litigation, we work closely with clients to develop the best strategies for their unique circumstances by leveraging our deep experience managing discovery, obtaining settlements, conducting trials and pursuing appeals.