Novack and Macey LLP brings the same savvy approach to alternative dispute resolution as it does to its trial work.

In both arbitration and mediation, we advocate tirelessly for our clients' interests.


Arbitration is often a quicker and less expensive way to resolve disputes rather than litigating through the court system.

Unlike the court system, which is open to the public, arbitration can keep the parties' business disputes and dealings confidential. Arbitration also avoids the vague uncertainties of jury trials and, in all but the most egregious cases, the threat of exemplary damages.

Our attorneys are skilled in arbitrations and regularly arbitrate matters involving millions of dollars. We know which kinds of arguments are likely to succeed in arbitration — and which are not — and how to prepare and try a case in this type of venue.

We also know how to select the right arbitrator, a crucial factor in a successful outcome. Our attorneys have had meaningful experience with the most qualified commercial arbitrators in Chicago and many around the country.

Over the years, we have successfully represented clients in issues involving contracts, real estate, partnerships and fiduciary duties, as well as energy, employment and intellectual property matters.

We are also familiar with the arbitration rules and practices of the various arbitral associations and regulatory authorities, including the American Arbitration Association, JAMS, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the National Futures Association and others.


Mediation, which is a major part of our practice, is a non-binding settlement conference between a neutral facilitator and the parties involved in a dispute. Mediation has become a standard fixture in litigation and is often a viable option for dispute resolution.

Our attorneys have handled scores of mediations for our clients. We understand the mediation process, know when mediation is a good fit and know how to select a mediator who is right for different matters.

While not appropriate for every case — and sometimes not viable when forced on the parties — mediation can often result in a relatively early settlement that offers all concerned a substantial savings of time and money. It can also help preserve business and personal relationships.