May 19, 2016, Chicago, Illinois and Des Moines, Iowa — Novack and Macey attorneys Monte L. Mann, Andrew D. Campbell and Matthew J. Singer secured a total victory in the Iowa District Court for Warren County, Iowa, by obtaining dismissal of multi-million dollar claims asserted against Novack and Macey clients — two Hong Kong companies, who allegedly employed the plaintiffs at a call center near Des Moines, Iowa.

Novack and Macey moved to dismiss the complaint and, in a 9-page opinion, the court granted the motion and dismissed the claims with prejudice.The court held — as Novack and Macey had argued — that the Hong Kong companies had insufficient contacts with the State of Iowa for the court to exercise personal jurisdiction over them in a manner consistent with the due process clause of the Constitution.

Monte L. MannAndrew D. CampbellMatthew J. Singer

Monte L. Mann, Andrew D. Campbell, and Matthew J. Singer

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