Novack and Macey attorneys Joshua E. Liebman and Rebekah H. Parker recently obtained the dismissal of all six counterclaims filed against their client in the Circuit Court of Cook County, including claims for breach of contract, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and consumer fraud.

The client, a real estate investor and operator, alleged two claims against defendants for breaching a lease agreement and seeking to pierce the corporate veil, both of which survived a motion to dismiss.  In response to the complaint, defendants filed six counterclaims, alleging that the firm’s client was the one who breached the lease agreement, fraudulently induced defendants into signing the lease, and negligently failed to disclose alleged defects in the property before the lease was signed.

The Court agreed with Novack and Macey’s arguments that each of the six counterclaims was legally or factually deficient.

For more information, contact Josh or Rebekah at 312.419.6900. Both are members of the firm’s Real Estate Litigation Practice Group.