The Chicago Tribune hit the nail on the head when they called Novack and Macey “a high-powered litigation boutique.” That is what this firm was meant to be from the start.

We never aspired to be a “mega-firm” or a case factory. We provide clients with concentrated teams of highly focused attorneys to try lawsuits and handle appeals in many industries. We also represent individual entrepreneurs, and when lawyers in some of the country’s most prestigious law firms need trial lawyers to represent them or their clients in important disputes, they often call on us.

There may be some cases that need an army of litigators thrown at them, but we believe those cases are few. We believe small teams of energetic lawyers who understand and are involved in all aspects of a case usually have the best chance of achieving effective results.

Who We Are

We are exclusively trial and appellate lawyers. We don’t aim to be all-purpose generalists. Our lawyers don’t write wills, draft corporate paperwork or document transactions. We have extensive courtroom experience, and apply a laser focus to what we do best: litigation.

We see the business side of each case. Our approach is to solve business problems, not just argue legal issues. We bring a business perspective to our cases and work closely with each client to achieve the best outcome for that client’s business.

We are effective. Our record of successful trials and appeals speaks for itself.

We love our work. A certain type of lawyer gravitates to Novack and Macey. We attract lawyers who love the rigors of practice, who get genuinely excited developing a legal analysis that helps a client, and who go the extra mile for clients because the alternative doesn’t enter their minds.

We do what works best. While we love litigation, the interest of our clients is paramount. We recognize that litigation is not always the answer and constantly evaluate alternative means of achieving our clients’ goals, whether through mediation, arbitration or a creative and timely offering of a settlement. We never let our love of the fight override our singular focus on the client’s best interest.

We are close to our clients. We develop close relationships with clients that last for years. Novack and Macey lawyers make a point of learning a client’s business and understanding their concerns. To us, every case is an important case.

We serve a diverse range of industries. Our clients are involved in such dynamic fields as energy, real estate, technology, chemicals, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail and transportation, among others.

We pay personal attention. Lawyers practice at Novack and Macey because the freedom from a bigger organization allows them to focus on giving clients their full attention. Clients choose Novack and Macey because they value the personal dedication they get as a result. We know each other by name, and know our clients by heart.