Novack and Macey is a unique place to practice law that offers the sophisticated work, security, and compensation you are looking for, within a challenging, yet collegial, setting. But only a particular type of lawyer excels here.

You must be genuinely interested in working as a team to help our clients achieve their goals. You must be motivated to work on the client’s case as a whole, not satisfied to toil away anonymously on legal minutiae. And you must find satisfaction in the rigors of practice.

Interested attorneys should contact Andrew Campbell, 312.419.6900. Applicants must have outstanding academic credentials from a top-tier law school. One-to-two years of meaningful professional experience also is preferred.

The contact for staff attorney, paralegals and support staff is Linda J. Rosenbush, 312.419.6900.

Novack and Macey is an equal opportunity employer, and we appreciate the fresh thinking and multifaceted perspectives that come with a diverse workforce.